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1 – Pacifier

If you are comfortable with your baby using a pacifier then definitely bring one. I use pacifier on a daily basis during the newborn session to help soothe baby as I change the poses or set ups.

Pacifier helps the baby to stay calm and content in between shots. I particularly like the Soothie brand as they don't not leave marks on the baby’s face.

2 – Pumped breastmilk in the bottle, formula or both

If you are feeding mainly from a bottle I always recommend that you bring a little more than you would expect to use during a 3-4 hour photo session.

3 – Baby Blanket & baby's hair brush

Baby blanket with home scent helps the baby to settle in.

If your baby has lots of hair please bring with you baby's hair brush.

4 – Snacks

Chances are high you'll be in my studio 3-4 hours so please make sure that you have a good hearty breakfast or simply bring pack lunch. I provide little snacks and water for my clients during their newborn photography session.

5 – Clothing

I always recommend to dress up in t-shirt or layers as its always very hot my studio so you can remove some layers if you get too warm.

For parents & siblings with newborn photos please keep the clothing simple and neutral.Earthy warm tones like beige work best, white, black, grey is o.k too, avoid tops with straps , big logos or large flowers, you don't need to wear matching clothing but similar tones are best.

I also recommend bringing a change of clothes just in case. Someone always gets wee'd or pooped on, it's usually me , but sometimes it's you.

6 –Lots of nappies and wipes

Please bring with you baby wipes and lots of nappies if you think you packed already enough nappies put extra more.

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