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sitters sessions london eva fairchild


Sitter Sessions are perfect for babies 6-10 months old, ideally when your baby sits without support, preferably not crawling but doesn’t walk yet. It’s one of the big milestones in a baby’s first year. It’s truly a wonderful age to capture and remember those big round eyes, chubby legs, and squishy baby rolls. Babies at this age are full of cheeky smiles and genuine expressions. 

I always advise my clients to bring the baby in the morning or after they have had their nap, sleepy, overtired babies don’t perform well during the photo session. 

The sitter sessions take approximately 1 hour. Babies' attention spans at this age are not long so we want to keep it sweet & short.  I do have a lovely collection of cute baby outfits and props so please don’t worry you just need to bring your baby and maybe your baby’s favourite teddy/ bunny or blanket.  Parent & sibling images are encouraged If your baby missed out on a newborn session this is the perfect age to photograph your baby while they’re still little. 

All my sitter sessions take place in my photography studio in Bromley.

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