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Newborn session step by step

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Newborn session step by step -When you booked your newborn session or you are thinking of booking you are probably wondering what is going on during the session, why does is it takes 3-4 hours to take photos of your baby, why newborn babies are being photographed all wrapped sometimes. I will explain all to you.

So once you booked your newborn session I will send you the booking confirmation and preparation guide to the session which will help prepare the baby to the session, it will say what to bring with you and what to wear to the newborn session if you would like to have photos with your newborn baby.

In our email correspondence, I will ask you to take screen shots of your favourite setups, poses from my website or social media and send me by what's up so I could get an idea what sort of images you truly like to create the perfect set ups for your baby.

On the day of the session I will prepare a beanbag with few different blankets and wraps ( colours of your choice) and 4-7 set ups ( amount depending on your package)

Upon your arrival to my studio I will be waiting for you outside to show you the way to my studio.

once you all settle down in my studio I will ask you to undress your baby and cover him/her in a blanket ( which I would like you to bring with you from home) and than fully feed your baby if he's due for a feed.

Some babies take longer time than other to fall asleep and to sooth and swaddling always helps to calm the babies down and settle them. I will usually start with wrapped baby set up and than when your baby fall asleep deeply move to bean bag poses and other set ups. All newborn sessions are baby led, some babies sleep better than others so we can do more poses and set ups, I always say that the baby runs the show.

During a newborn session my main goal is to produce for you beautiful images that you will treasure forever but my priority is the baby safety.

Newborn babies can be very fragile and sensitive and every newborn photographer should have a knowledge and experience to photograph them in safe way. I have trained with best photographers in the world to learn all the health & safety during posing the newborn baby and been photographing the newborn babies for last 5 years.

I have a very large collection of photography props, blankets, wraps, little outfits,hats, bonnets and toys so you don't need to bring anything but the baby.

In all my newborn sessions I try to include the parents and siblings in shoots. I understand that some mums might feel a bit uncomfortable after giving a birth but trust me the parents/family portraits with newborn are simply irreplaceable.

3-4 weeks after your baby session I will prepare your edited galley

Those images from my recent newborn session of gorgeous baby boy Ezra and his family are example of what your newborn session gallery might look like.

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